Friday, March 13, 2009

A Pensive Burger

I blog to you today as a perplexed and sad burger lover. I came up with the concept for this blog as a way to showcase that a few obvious truths and some elbow grease are the way to fix the health care issues facing the United States. Tonight I can’t say for sure that is true.

I am dealing with an inverse relationship; the more I study this issue the less I understand. It feels like trying to decipher a derivatives market in grade school.

What makes it worse is the real suffering going on behind closed doors. The horror stories from people fighting insurance companies for treatments that they thought they paid for in monthly installments are devastating. I refer you to Time Magazine’s article by Karen Tumult, “The Health Care Crisis Hits Home”

My gut tells me that the issue should be far less complicated than it appears today.

There are certain truths that I hold to be self evident, and one is that if a policy issue is too confusing then someone is benefiting from it. I think there are many who are confusing us in order to "win" in the health care debate. Insurance companies, drug companies, politicians, and doctors are on that list.

So I will carry on with this concept and make it about good faith. According to, the term "good faith" refers to "having honest intentions."

The regular gal, like me, can’t stay quiet because other people appear smarter. I think that the major truth that we face in this watershed debate is that the ones who pretend to have all of the answers are lying because their motives don’t align with ours. A system that is insolvent is better for their bank accounts than the system that could be solvent.

It is on this backdrop that I will present what I find to you and hope that you will return the favor. We need to fix this ourselves and I look forward to working beside you in good faith.

I think I need to nibble on another burger and think for a while.


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